Newsletter #2

The White Hat Society has expanded into District 5150, Northern California. Led by Governor Mark Flegel at the District Conference in Yosemite National Park, the District has recruited 21 members. The District has appointed August Reader of San Francisco Rotary Club #2 as its White Hat Chair. District 5150 has tied with District 5870 (Austin, Texas) for the largest number of White Hat pins and conchos awarded and leads in the Number of Rotarians. District 5890 (Houston, Texas) is third.
In a recent ceremony at the Park Cities Club in Dallas, Texas, PRID Ron Burton awarded White Hats to PDG Pete Snider and Sherry and to Bill and Phyllis Slicker of District 5810.

In addition to the two generous lifetime donations of $250,000 each, the White Hat Society has succeeded in raising $360,000 for the Foundation through its $5,000 standard.

Thanks to the leadership of White Hat Society Founder, PDG Bill Bryce, D-5870, we are scheduling a White Hat weekend in New York in the Fall of 2007. Bill will send information to all White Hats soon and will take reservations for the trip.