Press Release “Small Society Big Hats”

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Press Release

“Small Society Big Hats”

How an idea to raise funds at a Zone Meeting has turned into a 15 year adventure.

The White Hat Society was formed in September 2004 at the Rotary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona to promote regular, significant, annual giving to the Rotary Foundation. One member bet another to give $5000 to get another member to give and so on. PDG Ed Mullen was amazed that they raised over $250,000 almost overnight.  As a true Texan, PDG Bill Bryce, the other Founder, suggested that they give out White Hats as a symbol of true Texan giving. Bob Lowe of Russell Hampton Company agreed. However Bob came up with the idea of a White Hat pin instead. Bob and his Russell-Hampton Company provide all of the White Hat pins at no cost. The society calls it a “Concho”. They were helped in their start-up by then RI Director – later President – Ron Burton and they dedicated the Society to him.

And now in November 2018, White Hat donations to the Foundation exceeded $5,000,000 US, with more than 450 members. The Society started out with 5 levels each of achievement represents $5000. Level 1 Charter Membership; Level 2, 3, and 4 Concho awards, and Level 5 Lifetime Award.

Since June our contributions to the White Hat Society has grown over 25% as we now are over $5 Million. The majority over $600,000 has come from District 5890 which encompasses most of the area in and around Houston, Texas.

Rotarians in Districts 5000 –Hawaii and District 5150—Northern California insisted on pushing the envelope. This is why the WHS has created 5 new levels ; Ascendant Membership Level 6, Lone Star Membership Level 7, Diamondhead Membership Level 8, Kona Membership Level 9, and Golden Gate Membership Level 10.

Membership in this Society requires a donation to the Rotary Foundation of $5,000 US in a single Rotary year. Our Members receive a White Hat Certificate, a White Hat pin marked with a Southwestern Concho provided at no cost by Russell-Hampton, an email subscription to the White Hat newsletter, and an invitation to the White Hat celebrations held in major cities around the world.

Donations on behalf of the White Hat Society must be made directly through the member’s own Club, District, or Foundation account in the usual manner. No funds should ever be sent to the Society. Donations must represent new contributions to the Foundation and not ‘Points’.  Once the $5,000 level has been reached in a Rotary year, simply notify the Society to receive the membership kit. Donors should notify The White Hat Chairman, PDG Ed Mullen of District 5870,, 254-698-2304 of their contributions and status. We operate on the principles of the Four Way Test, so your word is good enough.

WH members need NOT make a donation every year. One gets you into the Society. However, for each subsequent $5,000 donation a new pin, emblazoned with additional Conchos, and a new certificate reflecting the elevated status is earned. Simply report the additional donations to the Society. Spouses and Partners may jointly receive the Honors unless each chooses to make a separate $5,000 donation.

Donations may take any form accepted by the Foundation and may be applied to any of the Foundation’s programs. Those donations applied to the Annual Fund count toward Paul Harris Fellowships and Major Donor status in the usual way.

Donors should notify The White Hat Chairman, PDG Ed Mullen of District 5870,, 1-254-698-2304 for updates of their contributions and status. The White Hat website, is provided and maintained by milMedia Group of Killeen, Texas,

Newsletter No. 4

Edited By:

Ed Mullen, Founding Chairman

Jeff Matera, RC Marble Falls, Texas, Editor

What we have accomplished!

Over $4,240,000 raised in the last 9 years. And still growing. Almost 50 districts in North and South America have contributed to this special society, born out a few fellow Rotarians creating a special bond. Your White Hat Society has been holding a special place in Rotary Giving.

Originally starting with just one Charter Member level for a single $5000 contribution, the bar was raised to 5 levels capped as a Lifetime Member achievement for 5- $5000 contributions. Those levels have now been broken to achieve levels as high as 10 levels in the past several years and still we don’t know how much it may be able to achieve. (See stat chart in this newsletter).

With this amazing foundation, only 10% of the districts have members. Our Society’s wish now is to stimulate giving from every single. As part of your membership, we ask that you help stimulate your fellow Rotarians wherever they may be to participate in this cause.

News note: Jeff Matera of the Marble Falls Club is helping me manage the society, you may see his name from time to time. Thanks.

Ed Mullen, Founding Chairman

Jeff Matera, RC Marble Falls, Texas,  Editor

Time to Celebrate

2019 will be the 10th year of the Society’s founding. Time to have a reunion. We are attempting to make plans for a weekend get together of all members. We are searching for a North American location easily accessible to all members and their significant others No date has been set yet. We are encouraging all members to provide us with suggestions for this event.

We Remember Not to Forget.

Here are the names of Charter and all members of the Society who have passed away. We have received this information from our district inquiries. We would like to ask if there are any on the roster that we have lost who are not recognized in this section. Please contact us so that we may document for our database.

Name          District

  • Rosey Tan 5160
  • Robert Ballie 7690
  • Dave Berry 5000
  • Ivan Butterfield 5890
  • Bob Danner 5770
  • Clyde Griffin 5870
  • Nancy Griffin 5870
  • Edwin Lee 5150
  • Patty Wolfe 5150
  • George Meriwether 5870
  • Barbara Feder 5510/5495
  • Gene Neal 5870
  • Patsy Derr 5870

Lost then Found

In our recent data based update we were unable to obtain e-mail addresses for the following society members. If you are able to provide their e-mails or other information about them to the society we would really appreciate your help. We would also ask for your help in reviewing any errors and omissions on our site as well. We appreciate your help.

District Last Name First Name
5870 Alford Jake
5910 Austin Rose PDG
6200 Bajat Noel
4420 Bastos Terezinha
5150 Behring Ken
5150 Bell William
5150 Bianchini Marcia
5890 Busscemi Charlie
5830 Durrant Fay J. PDG
5000 Flinn Nalani PDG
7080 Freese Jack
5000 Green Dal
5870 Harrah William
5730 Hibert Harvey
5000 Hunkle Les
5000 Kim II
5150 Kreitman Keith
5890 Kroll Lindsey
5000 Matsui Cedric
5890 Mauldin Earl
5320 Maxwell Helen
5320 Maxwell Peter
5000 May Dick
5690 Nygaard David
5320 Owen Josh
5510 Patmos Jim
5830 Roberts James
5910 Summers Hugh
6200 Thomas Ruthie
6200 Walter Gislason
5150 Wilde William


For the Record.

Here is the current compilation listed by district

  Dist LVL> 10 9 8 7 6 L 4 3 2 C Total Est. Value
1 3360 1 1 $             5,000
2 4170 1 1 $             5,000
3 4420 1 2 2 3 12 20 $         185,000
4 5000 1 1 2 1 4 2 1 7 27 46 $         565,000
5 5100 1 1 $             5,000
6 5150 5 11 2 4 3 46 71 $         885,000
7 5160 1 1 2 $           40,000
8 5180 2 2 $           10,000
9 5220 1 1 $           15,000
10 5230 1 2 2 5 $           55,000
11 5240 3 3 $           15,000
12 5320 7 2 1 2 13 25 $         315,000
13 5400 1 1 $             5,000
14 5420 1 1 2 $           35,000
15 5440 1 2 3 13 19 $         150,000
16 5450 2 7 9 $           85,000
17 5470 1 2 3 $           20,000
18 5490 1 1 $           25,000
19 5495 1 1 $           10,000
20 5500 1 1 $             5,000
21 5510 1 4 5 10 $           90,000
22 5520 1 1 $             5,000
23 5630 1 1 $             5,000
24 5690 1 1 $           25,000
25 5730 1 1 3 5 10 $         100,000
26 5750 2 1 1 2 6 $           90,000
27 5770 1 5 6 $           50,000
28 5779 1 1 $             5,000
29 5790 2 2 4 $           60,000
30 5810 2 3 6 11 $         110,000
31 5830 4 6 10 $           70,000
32 5840 2 1 1 1 4 9 $         115,000
33 5870 8 2 3 7 44 64 $         575,000
34 5890 2 2 1 5 11 21 $         210,000
35 5910 4 4 $           20,000
36 5930 1 1 $           10,000
37 5950 2 2 $           10,000
38 6080 2 2 $           10,000
39 6110 1 8 9 $           50,000
40 6200 1 1 4 6 $           50,000
41 6580 2 2 $           10,000
42 7040 1 1 $           25,000
43 7080 2 2 $           10,000
44 7390 1 1 $             5,000
45 7430 1 1 $           25,000
46 7690 2 1 3 $           55,000
47 7890 2 2 $           10,000
RH 1 1 $             5,000
 Total 6 1 2 0 1 56 16 17 54 254 407 $      4,240,000


Top 10 Districts

Members                       Contributions

  1. 5150 71                           $885,000
  2. 5870 64                           $575,000
  3. 5000 46                           $565,000
  4. 5320 25                           $315,000
  5. 5890 21                           $210,000
  6. 4420 20                           $185,000
  7. 5440 19                           $150,000
  8. 5840 9                             $115,000
  9. 5810 11                           $110,000
  10. 5730 10                           $100,000

73% of the members gave 76% of the contributions

White Hat Update

The White Hat Society


Past R.I. Past-President Ron Burton

Founded by The First Team of the Second Century of Rotary,

(Zone 25 & 26 Governors of 2005-2006)

Encouraging Accelerated Giving to the Rotary Foundation

The Society was formed in September 2004 at the Rotary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona
to promote regular, significant, annual giving to the Rotary Foundation.


The Duties of Membership:

  • Donate US $5,000 to The Rotary Foundation in a Rotary year.
  • Recruit one other Rotarian to do the same.
  • Donations may take the form of cash instruments, credit cards, stock and other capital assets, or irrevocable insurance policies made to the Bequest Society.
  • Contributions should be made directly to the Rotary Foundation.
  • Donors should notify The White Hat Chairman, PDG Ed Mullen of District 5870,, 1-254-698-2304 of their contributions and status.
  • All contributions will be credited to the Rotarian Donor, Club, and District.
  • The donor indicates the program or Fund to which the donation should be applied.
  • Contributions qualify for Paul Harris Fellowships if the donor specifies the Annual Fund as the recipient.
  • Each additional $5,000 donation will be awarded another Concho for the White Hat pin.
  • It is not required that one donate each year.
  • A Donation of $25,000 or greater merits a Lifetime Award.

The Russell-Hampton Company has created an exclusive White Hat Society Pin at no cost for the Membership.  The Russell-Hampton Company maintains a link on its website to publicize the Society,




PDG Riki & PDG Robert Intner



DGN Jayne Hulbert & Gene Duffy D-5150
  Patty Wolfe D-5150  





  PDG Ayman El-dakhakhni D-5000
  Richard Zegar D-5000
Il Kim D-5000  







  Harry Kubota D-5000



  PRIP Ron Burton & Jetta D-5770  
  PDG Eddie Blender & Patricia D-5470  
Scharleen Colant D-5150  
Henry Alker D-5150  
RIDE Philip Silvers & Kathleen D-5500  
PDG Gene Banks & Evelyn D-5420  
Bob & Sylvia Danner D-5770  
Edwin Lee D-5150  
PDG Gloria Clinton D-5230  
Jerry Johnson D-5870  
PRID Greg Podd & Pam D-5510  
PDG Charles Kurtzman & Ellen D-5790  
PDG Linda Bradley & James D-7040  
Robert E. Walton D-7430  
Angel Jimenez D-5890  
Shawn Bhagat D-5810  
Doug Rudman D-5810  
DG Roberto Luiz Barroso Filho D-4420  
Jim & Mary Kay Patmos D-5510  
PDG Russ Ketron & Kathy D-5150  
Leroy & Diana Page D-5150  
Larry & Marjorie Schlenoff D-5150  
PDG Art Harrington & Sharon D-5490  
PDG Bill & PDG Nancy Pettus D-5440  
Ken Behring D-5150  
PDG Doug Whinnery & Sue D-5840  
Helen Maxwell D-5320  
Peter Maxwell D-5320  
Stephen & Billie Moksnes D-5000  
Mark & Jan Schmidt D-5320  
Dennis & Katherine Sargent D-5320  
Johrita and Bruce Solari D-5320  
David & LaVerna Nygaard D-5690  
John and Rose Moon D-5890  
Kazuo Nomi D-5000  
Holbrook Goodale D-5000  
PDG Allen Anderson and Pam D-5840  
Jayne Hulbert D-5150  
DGN Rich Kaye & Diana D-5870  
Angie F. Jimenez D-5890  
Jerry Galbraith D-5870  
PDG Jack Mayo & Nita Louise D-5870  
PDG Tim Buckley & Gail D-5870  
PDG Brian McLeran & Laura D-5150  
PDG John Salem & Faye D-5870  
Michael D. Weatherwax D-5450  
Thurston “Ted” Manning D-5450  
Cecile Chiquette D-5150  
Robert E. “Bob” Long D-5320  
Margaret Nerio D-5320  
Dennis Hite D-7690  
Nancy Simonette D-7690  
PDG John Bottari and Elizabeth D-5150  
PDG Jon & Linda Grant D-5150  
  Dany T. Gregory D-5160
  PDG Ronney Reynolds & Mary D-5870




PDG Mark Flegel & Anne D-5150
Hiroshi & Suma Shimuta D-4420
Oswaldo & Hisame Takata D-4420
William & Sandy Beckman D-5750
Betty Richardson D-5870
PDG Bob Gebhard & Dianne D-5890
Eloise Lundgren D-5870
mel r. hertz D-5000
Kim & Kelly Barr D-5870
PDG “Big Rich” Churchman & Amy D-6200
Jeff Matera D-5870
Kim Douglas D-5320

Paul St. Pierre


John Decker


Bobbe M. Barnes






  PDG Bill Bryce & Sarah D-5870  
  PDG Bruce Flohr & Janet D-5840  
  DG Stuart & Susie Palmer D-5440  
  Gilberto Bino D-4420
  Terezinha Bastos D-4420  
  PDG Holly Axtell & Keith D-5150  
  Yvonne Ryzak D-5150  
  David Kurland D-5150  
  Rosey Tan D-5160  
  Dr. Lakhman Gondalia D-5440  
  PDG Suzi Howe & Bill D-5890  

Beverly Luedke


John and Louis Watkins


PDG Charles Whiteside


Jay & Gail Lieberman





  PDG Jorge Verduzco & Olga D-5930
  Jake Alford D-5870
  Don Ray & Linda George D-5870
  PRID Roy Trout D-5770
  PDG Benjamin Agnor & Margaret D-5830
  George Lewis D-5810
  David Forward eClub One D-5450
  PDG Pete Snider & Sherry D-5810
  Daniel & Lorna Bonyhadi D-5320
  Andy Matsui D-5230
  PDG Wally Brown D-5420
  PDG Barbara Feder & Abe D-5510
  J Thomas & Ruthie Hassell D-6200
  Gene Markley D-5440
  DG Jim Cole D-5730
  Louise “Sugie” Maxfield D-5810
  Alan Havir & Sandy Abalos D-5510
  Tonya Watson D-5510
  Claus & Lois Johnson D-5510
  Perry Rattiner D-5510
  Daniel Leite &  Mariangela Russo D-4420
  Claudio & Cristiane Takata D-4420
  Jose &  Neusa Tarifa D-4420
  PDG Jerry Burger & Carleen D-5750
  Hans Eide D-5150
  Christopher Schneider D-5890
  Sandra Jones D-5870
  Alice White D-5730
  Bonnie Pendleton D-5730
  Jack Cates D-5890
  PDG Paul Lucas & Monica D-5790
  William & Debra Palko D-5890
  Helen & David Bishop D-5440
  PDG David & Janice Scriven D-5440
  Jay N. Lieberman D-5320
  Hilton and Maria Unemori D-5000
  John M. Cotterell D-5890
  PDG Ed Mullen & Candy D-5870
  David and Lynn Bay D-5870
  Dr. & Mrs. William Lambrecht D-5150
  Alexander “Sandy” Gaston D-5000
  Jackson Moss D-5840
  Charlie & Tommie Busscemi D-5890
  Ivan Butterfield D-5890
  DGE Ted Huffhines D-5830
Robert and Sharon Ehrhorn D-5000  
  Vanita & Austin Louie D-5150
  Richard & Carrie Chinn D-5150
  Naomi Masuno D-5000
  Elvira Lo D-5000
  Terry Lo D-5000
  John Roberts D-5870
  Gunther R. Diersbock D-5320
Gity and Michael Hebel D-5150
  Raymond Paler D-5000
  PDG Philip Bandel, Sr. D-5830
  PDG Ted Huffines D-5830








PDG Lucinda Rose D-5510
PDG Mike Adkins & Vicki D-5520
PRIVP Jack Forrest & Ina Beth D-5870
George Meriwether D-5870
PDG Gene Neal & Mary Helen D-5870
PDG Bill Bradfield & Jane D-5870
Graham & Carolyn Holloway D-5870
William & Jeanne Harrah D-5870
PDG Talee Crowe D-5450
PDG Dianne Kessel D-5450
PDG Charlie Clemmons D-5890
Barbara Clemmons D-5890
PDG John Painter & Diane D-5890
PDG George Yeiter D-5890
Beverly Yeiter D-5890
Mark & Carolyn Mulloy D-5890
PDG D’Lisa Simmons & Michael D-5890
Charles Sheffield D-5890
Stanley Moos D-5870
Paul & Teresa Mueller D-5890
Ron Woliver D-5890
 PDG Rusty Broughton & Karl Soman D-5400
PDG Greg Podd & Pam D-5510
PDG Dan Clark D-5450
PDG Jon Eiche & Evelyn D-5890
Tom & Shirley Martin D-5870
Rob & Pat Smith D-5870
David Crist D-5810
William “Bill” Slicker & Phyllis D-5810
PRIP Frank Devlyn & Gloria Rita D-4170
Harlow & Ann Johnson D-5150
Doug & Judy Adams D-5150
August Reader D-5150
John & Elissa Hoch D-5150
Rick Beeman D-5150
Lyle & Janice Zitek D-5220
Arthur E. Flegel D-5150
Charlie & Martha Bronitsky D-5150
Fred Yeager D-5150
Guy & Martha Huffman D-5870
PDG Roger Sepulveda & Jeannette D-5730
PDG Paige Carruth & Norma D-5730
DGND Brad Bunn & Kara D-5730
PDG Steve Harris & Lee D-5890
DG Jeff Tallas & Tracee D-5890
PDG Ann Bragg & Bob D-5910
Sidney Shuppac D-6110
Jack & Patricia Freese D-6110
Danny & Peggy Mitchell D-6110
PDG Don Wasson D-6110
PDG Tom Clark & Marty D-6110
DG Joe Beltz & Nancy D-6080
PDG H. Michael Hayes D-5450
Earl Mauldin D-5890
Christopher McLucas D-5790
PDG Frank Bradshaw & Janice D-6200
Sandra Forster & Bud Carmichael D-5810
DG Richard Gilman & Rozelle D-5810
Thomas Martz D-5150
PDG Chuck Musgrave & Anita D-5750
Nancy Stevens D-5440
Patricia J. Barnett D-5440
RID Noel Bajat & Sis D-6200
DG Dave Beall & Ann D-5450
George Reeves D-5810
Jeanne Isdale D-5870
Ernest Colant D-5150
William Wilde D-5150
Joyce Palmer D-5150
Winston Wood D-5150
Charlie Vail D-5450
William Bell D-5150
Peg Johnston D-5450
Angel Kelchev D-5150
Larry & Dana Stone D-5750
Don Ferrell D-5790
Mike and Judy Tormey D-5440
Charlie Bond D-5810
PDG George McIlvaine & Mary D-5440
DG John Jetter D-5830
Trey Smith D-5830
PDG Marcelo Haick and Sylvia D-4420
PDG Mário César and Denise D-4420
Bill Perryman D-5810
Gerald E. DeLozier D-6110
Bob Caplan D-5150
Derek & Donna Van Gilder D-5870
PDG Marty Feldman & Sara Jane D-5490
DG Mike Collins & Martha D-6200
PDG Jim Fitzgerald & Georganna D-5830
Don Werschky D-5470
Eugene Markley D-5440
Terence Dye D-5440
George Bryce D-5440
Young & Yoony Koh D-5230
Don & Margaret Schlup D-5450
Anita Stangl D-5150
Ricky & Teresa Price D-5000
Dr. Charles Weems D-5000
Walter & Raeanna Gislason D-5950
Noemi & Hector “Coco” Avram D-5150
Mary Bates D-5150
Craig & Jeanette Courtin D-5150
Rich & Gail Mozzini D-5150
Phil Stelling D-5150
PDG Claude Thompson D-5000
Paul Jurcsak D-5000
Alvin & Yumiko Takata D-5000
Hal & Lei Darcey D-5000
Marilyn McSpadden D-5810
Jim & Annette Shreck D-5630
Martin Postma D-5450
W. Gaines Bagby and Leslie D-5870
Vern Eddlemon D-5510
Robert Sullivan D-5000
PDG Rosalynn ‘Roz’ Cooper D-5000
John & Joyce Vandel D-5440
Bob & Kathy Lowe Russell Hampton
Atila and Ana Bru D-4420
Nelson & Uilma Ferreira D-4420
Arlinda & Dr. Paulo Sueyoshi D-4420
Ronaldo & Monica Varella D-4420
Piramo Menon D-4420
Luiz Franca D-4420
Marcelo & Bianca Marsaiolli D-4420
Solange Daud D-4420
Carlos Torci D-4420
Marcos Totoli D-4420
Larry & Sue Kavinoky D-5150
Carol Christie D-5150
Arthur & Sandra Blumer D-7890
Richard Seidman D-7890
Lisa Foster D-5000
Sharon Harrington D-5510
Hugh & Ahnise Summers D-5910
Bernd “Ulli” Budelmann D-5910
DG Rose Austin & Milton D-5910
Clyde & Janice Glosson D-5870
DG Greg Owen & Val D-5320
Marcia Bianchini D-5150
Stephen Henry D-5150
Mike Hoffman D-5150
Keith Kreitman D-5150
Patricia Nutting D-5150
Patti Styka D-5150
Leigh Ann Weiland D-5150
Deborah Wilder D-5150
Jon and Linda Grant D-5150
Josh & Tessa Owen D-5320
Tim & Maria Mullaney D-5320
DG Tamie Babb & Mike D-5750
Chuck Lund D-5510
James Crutcher D-5510
Billie Addleman D-5440
Clyde & Nance Griffin D-5870
James “Rocky” Reese D-5870
Dave & Mary Ann Berry D-5000
Robert Womack D-5440
Bob & Theresa Pope D-5150
Chris Glud D-5150
Elsie Choy D-5000
John & Laura Steelquist D-5000
Dr. Yoshie Suzuki Weems D-5000
Gary & Gale Lincke D-5870
Rhonda Walls & Brad Kerby D-5890
DGN Timothy Lee & Amy D-6580
PDG Rusty Broughton & Karl Sorman D-5400
Mike & Jeannene Blevins D-5770
Leah Reich D-5150
Don Hewlett D-5870
DG Suresh Pahwa & Brigitte D-5870
Wayne Parker D-5150
Dan Linebarger D-5730
David Norris D-5730
Bobby & Deanna Whitson D-5870
Joe & Linda Grebmeier D-5230
PDG Patsy Derr D-5870
DG Chester L. Dal Santo D-5000
PDG Cesar M. Caro and Luz Delia D-5730
Richard & Lynda Bean D-5870
Lindsey Kroll D-5890
Harvey Hibert D-5730
DG Frank & Scotty Ortiz D-5240
PDG Wade & Roxanne Nomura D-5240
PDG Brenda & Richard Cressey D-5240
DG Terry Godfrey D-5770
Richard Payton D-5870
Dennis & Christiane Salts D-5320
Rami Alatrach D-5870
PDG Mike Klingbiel and Treva D-5450
Mary Bird and Bob Bowman D-5870
Diana Smith D-5450
Mel Hertz D-5000
PDG Douglas W. Vincent D-7080
Les Hunkele D-5000
Charlene Meyers D-5000
Bryon Cook D-5870
Don Skala D-5320
Cedric H. Matsui D-5000
Stan and Karen Benson D-5450
DGD Bruce Golden D-5870
Carol Grever D-5450
William ‘Bill’ Rubin D-5450
Beth Fujishige D-5320

Herb and Doris Lewis


Larry and Sandra Fox


DGE Kenneth L. Small


Del Green


Win Schoneman


Robert Baillie


William “Bill” Dendy


DG James Bright


DG Melinda Osburn & Tim


Charles “Buzz” Buzzard & Joan


Kathryn Hubbard


Charles A. Lander


Jo Ann Browne


PDG Bret Gerdes and Natalie


Gail Peek


David Huffman


Gregory & Martha Haeseler


DG Clint Schroeder


Mark Fihn


David Mozdren’


Linda Angel-Watford


Dick May


Ron Gin


Lee Davis


Joseph J. Ferraro


James Roberts


DGE Gene Holiman


Melissa Prandi


Paul Scheller


Robert Watkins


Allen & Janice Ng


Mike Brockway


PDG Ronald T.C. Young & Sylvia


DGE Nalani Flinn


William & Wilma Peloquin


Phylecia Platte


Stanley Allen


Jay & Gail Lieberman


Jeri Fujimoto

Randy Gurrola, DDS D-5150
William G. Fusco D-5840
PDG Eric and Stephanie Schmautz D-5150
Gene Goeke D-5870
Christopher Hull D-5320
David & Tamae Erdman D-5000
Bruce & Dawn Bollinger D-5440
PDG Fay J. Durrant D-5830
Jackeline Fountain D-5870


Newsletter No. 2

Newsletter #2

The White Hat Society has expanded into District 5150, Northern California. Led by Governor Mark Flegel at the District Conference in Yosemite National Park, the District has recruited 21 members. The District has appointed August Reader of San Francisco Rotary Club #2 as its White Hat Chair. District 5150 has tied with District 5870 (Austin, Texas) for the largest number of White Hat pins and conchos awarded and leads in the Number of Rotarians. District 5890 (Houston, Texas) is third.
In a recent ceremony at the Park Cities Club in Dallas, Texas, PRID Ron Burton awarded White Hats to PDG Pete Snider and Sherry and to Bill and Phyllis Slicker of District 5810.

In addition to the two generous lifetime donations of $250,000 each, the White Hat Society has succeeded in raising $360,000 for the Foundation through its $5,000 standard.

Thanks to the leadership of White Hat Society Founder, PDG Bill Bryce, D-5870, we are scheduling a White Hat weekend in New York in the Fall of 2007. Bill will send information to all White Hats soon and will take reservations for the trip.

Newsletter No. 1

Newsletter No. 1

The White Hat Society has its first two Lifetime Awards. TRF Trustee and Past R.I. Director Ron Burton and Jetta of District 5770 and PDG Eddie Blender and Patricia of District 5470 have each contributed more than $250,000 to the Foundation. They have become Lifetime (endowed) Members!
Rob Lowe of Russell-Hampton is designing a new pin.

In addition to the two generous donations, the White Hat Society has succeeded in raising more than $260,000 for the Foundation through its $5,000 standard.

The Society also welcomes Multiple Concho Awardees, those who have given more than one $5,000 gift. They include:

  • PDG Bill Bryce and Sarah, District 5870, 3rd Concho Award.
  • PDG Jorge Verduzco & Olga, District 5930, 2nd Concho Award.
  • PDG Jack Mayo & Nita Louise, District 5870, 2nd Concho Award.
  • PRID Roy Trout, District 5770, 2nd Concho Award.
  • Jake Alford, District 5870, 2nd Concho Award.
  • Don Ray & Linda George, District 5870, 2nd Concho Award.

The most recent Foundation Dinner and White Hat Award ceremony took place 24 February 2007 at the Airport Hilton in Austin, Texas. R.I. President Bill Boyd presided. Contact PDG Pat Derr (pderr@hot.rr.cpm) for details.


Newsletter No. 3

Newsletter #3

Have you fulfilled the second duty of the White Hat Society –recruiting a new member?

The White Hat Society has established in 20 Districts to date.  They are 5150 (California), 5220 (California), 5420 (Utah), 5440 (Wyoming), 5450 (Colorado), 5470 (Colorado), 5510 (Arizona), 5520 (New Mexico), 5730 (Texas), 5750 (Oklahoma), 5770 (Oklahoma), 5790 (Texas), 5810 (Texas), 5870 (Texas), 5890 (Texas), 5910 (Texas), 5930 (Texas), 6080 (Missouri), 6110 (Arkansas), and 6200 (Louisiana).  White Hat giving to the Foundation has exceeded $1 million and 100 members.

Thanks to the leadership of White Hat Society Founder, PDG Bill Bryce, D-5870, the White Hat Society celebrated in New York during November 2007.  We all arrived on a Thursday at the Yale Club, the private hotel of the Yale Alums.  Our Society co-founder, Bill Brice, is a Yale grad and arranged for our group to stay there.  Quite a place!  22 stories across the street from Grand Central Station and just up from the United Nations.  It has several restaurants and cocktail lounges, two floors of excellent gyms, one floor with the university-level library, and a great staff that doesn’t take tips.  Free broadband, too.

As the group began to arrive on Thursday at various times, some went shopping; some toured museums and such.  Drinks in the Club Lounge, and then we attended a presentation by the actor John Lithgow (Third Rock from the Sun), there in the Club.  Quite entertaining with 15-year old Single Malt in a magnificent meeting hall with the five U.S. presidents who were Yale grads staring down at us.

Our group assembled early Friday morning for breakfast on the 22nd floor and were joined by Gillian Sorenson, former Associate Secretary General of the UN and current leader in the UN Foundation.  She had invited us to New York and offered to give us a personally guided tour behind the scenes at the UN.  After breakfast, she gave a talk on the history of the UN and Rotary, then took us to it.  We went into the General Assembly, and several other impressive meeting rooms, toured most of the building, oohed and awed over the Art, then had lunch in the Delegates’ Lounge, along with the diplomats from many countries.

After lunch, we walked back to the Club through Midtown Manhattan.  Some went shopping; some went touring.  Had a great dinner that evening in the club.

We met for breakfast again and decided on the day’s activities.  The Saturday morning for most of us was a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It was the ‘Rembrandt Exposition’ and we had a simply wonderful time. Then across Central Park to the Tavern on the Green for lunch, a beautiful place, good food, excellent service.

Some of us then cabbed down to the World Trade Center site.  They are rebuilding it and the evidence of ruin is there to be seen.  What a somber, chilling experience. There was a steady stream of people coming and going, many with tears in their eyes.

Back to the Club, then, where we gathered for Sherry and cheese in Bill’s suite, then went to an off-Broadway play, ‘Stomp.’  There was lots of stomping and syncopation.  Late night drinks at the Club after the play, and a foray into the neighborhood for a post-midnight dinner.

The whole purpose of this trip was to share fellowship among our White Hats and to have fun.  This is the essence of Rotary, we believe.  And, by the way, Rich Kaye, RC of Killeen-Heights (Texas) came up with an innovative way to create White Hats and Major Donors simultaneously in his Club.

We hope that next year’s meeting may be in San Francisco where we have the largest contingent of White Hats.

There was a lot of ‘buzz’ about the White Hat Society at the International Convention in Salt Lake City.  Expect more White Hats soon!

Many thanks to Bob & Kathy Lowe of Russell-Hampton Company for designing and donating the WH pins.