The Profile XT™ is a multi-purpose assessment used for selection, coaching, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning.

Step One Survey II® is a pre-employment screening tool that measures integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic.

Profiles Sales Indicator™ is a tool for selecting, managing, and training salespeople.

Profiles Performance Indicator™ measures five key personality factors and their impact on seven critically important aspects of success in business.

Profiles Team Analysis™ makes team building both challenging and rewarding.

Profiles Checkpoint 360™ Competency Feedback System is a powerful professional development tool, that positively impacts an individual's growth and career, and an organization's success.

Customer Service Perspective is a tool for making sure everyone in your company is on the customer service team.

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Computer & Technological Training Programs

Our computer training options include a full range of Microsoft products and Microsoft Certified Computer Engineering Certification training. We also train employees in firm-specific relational databases.

Microsoft training includes the Office Suite using Windows. Employers may select from a range of optional classes. Microsoft training also includes the full range of networking subjects from the MSCE Certification Program.

Hospital-specific training includes ICD-9 coding, SMS, and transcription to allow coding technicians to more fully understand the coding process. We also offer a computer-based OSHA training course for all employees that fulfills the annual OSHA training familiarization requirements.

Microsoft Office Training

The content of this course covers the basic skills for operating Windows applications and operating systems. Applications may include PowerPoint, Access, Word, & Excel computer applications training, and Internet Explorer training.

Recommended class length: 4-12 hours per application, depending on degree of difficulty and experience of trainee. Class size depends on availability of computer workstations, normally not more than 20.

Enterprise Software/Integrated Database Management Training

Many organizations use integrated enterprise software such as PeopleSoft, Meditech, and S.A.P., and contract management software such as ACT! We can provide certified trainers for each of these applications.

Coding for International Classification of Disease (ICD-9)

The purpose of this training is to allow desk personnel to locate and enter data on the correct medical codes by locating the term in the index and confirming the code in the tabular list.

Recommended class length: 40 hours. Groups of 8 - 15 are suggested.

Numerical Control Programming

This course includes basic logic and skills for programming numerical control equipment such as routers, benders, and robots.

Recommended class length: 40 hours. Groups of 5-10 are suggested.

Numerical Control Operation

This course includes the logic and skills necessary for operating N.C. equipment such as router, benders, and robots. Classes will be specific to the type of equipment used on-site.

Recommended class length: 40 hours. Groups of 5-10 are suggested.

Desk Top Publishing

This course trains employees to design and publish marketing material. Course is designed to accommodate the software in use in your company. Instructors include senior graphic designers from major software companies.

Recommended class length: 40 hours. Groups of 5-10 are suggested.

Contact Management Software

This course trains employees in the operation of contact management software such as ACT!

Recommended class length: 10 hours. Groups of 5-10 are suggested.

General Office Training

This course teaches immediate and advanced computer application skills, basic bookkeeping, telephone skills, and customer service by phone, written and verbal communications skills, and document control systems.

Recommended class length: 40 hours. Groups of 10-15 are suggested.

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